Sponsor highlight: StickerGiant

Stickergiant-Logo-300px__55831014402e5Every sticker has a story. That’s the tagline for WordCamp Fayetteville sponsor StickerGiant and we love how they help each WordCamp and all their other clients tell a story. StickerGiant prints high-quality stickers and labels. They’ve been providing free stickers for WordCamps all over the world since 2008 because they too use and love WordPress!

They have the best customer service, quick turnaround times and free custom shapes using state of the art laser cutting.

StickerGiant was founded in 2001 by entrepreneur John Fischer and illustrator Mike Brooks. Since then StickerGiant has grown into the #1 sticker company on the internet. John and his team work every day to delight each and every customer.

StickerGiant is based in rural Boulder County, Colorado in a town called Hygiene (yes, they’ve heard the jokes)!

Thanks to StickerGiant for being an “Editor” level sponsor of WordCamp Fayetteville.

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