We have a great slate of speakers for WordCamp Fayetteville 2016!   Looking for the actual schedule of sessions?

Birds of a Feather Session

A Birds of a Feather session lets WordCampers get together to discuss issues that affect WordPress users and makers.  Come in, find a table with a topic that speaks to you, and share ideas!

Keeping Content Marketing Authentic

Brandee Spears Segraves facilitates a discussion on content marketing and maintaining an authentic voice. Join this content marketing expert for an inspiring conversation on using WordPress to tell your story.

Show Me the Money: Monetizing Your Blog

You’ve built a blog, you’ve got a good following — now it’s time to monetize it!

Michael McCranie brings his business savvy to you in this session.

Analytics Basics

Get the scoop on using Google Analytics for your WordPress website. If you’ve never used GA, if you look at your analytics reports but you don’t end up with actionable data, or if it’s been a while and you’d like to know about all the cool new reports, this is the session for you.

We’ll walk through the interface, but bring your questions, too.

  • How to install Google Analytics
  • How to set up properties and views
  • Moving from questions to answers
  • Major reports: Audience, Acquisition, Behavior, Conversions
  • Setting up custom dashboards
  • Identifying and configuring goals

Basic comfort with computers is all the background you need. Stay on for a more advanced session after this one if you like; attend this to be sure you’re ready for the more advanced session

WordCamp: Your Platform for Success

Are you ready to CARVE out a clear path to reach your goals?

  • Channels
  • Accomplishments
  • Relationships
  • Visbility
  • Evidence

Shane will show you how to use WordPress to achieve success no matter what industry or community you’re in.

Telling Good Stories

Popular blogger Angie Albright shares how her love of storytelling has helped her tell the story of the nonprofit here she works, and how you can do the same for your organization or business.

Learn about

  • Structure of Myth
  • Heroes
  • The Cast
  • Story Ideas

Being a Good Citizen in the WordPress Community

You use WordPress on a regular basis, maybe even to make a living, and you want to get involved in the community. How can you step into the community and be a good citizen? How can you be helpful? How can you disagree in a constructive way? Find out how you can help make WordPress better by being a good citizen in the community.

Multisite Success

Entrepreneur Wayne George is a recent convert to WordPress, and he’s ready to share with you how he planned and executed his monetized multisite.

Some of the topics Wayne will cover:

  • Why multisites?
  • Why hosting matters
  • Choosing themes and frameworks
  • How to prepare for the learning curve — and shorten it
  • How and why to establish your site before you monetize
  • How off-line business savvy helps your online business
  • How to get your grand vision to mesh with reality

Wayne’s still in the startup stage, but his long business experience gives him extra insight into the process. Come learn and share.

No tech background required.


WordPress 101, Continued

Come back from lunch to a 101 session to get your bearings before you go on to more afternoon sessions!

Data-Driven SEO with Google Analytics

SEO can be confusing — if you rely on tips and tricks. Instead, you can rely on data from your own website. Get to know Google Analytics and other analytics tools with WordPress plugins, find the actionable information in your analytics reports, and implement your own SEO strategy.

Designed for people who are comfortable with their computers but assuming no knowledge of computer languages, this session is all about the results.


The Agony and the Ecstacy of Divi

Never before has so much design awesomeness been so available to so many people. Divi is a WordPress theme and framework that makes bad content look good. Let’s fight against that. In this presentation, we will: 1. Discuss the basic layout of the Divi framework 2. Evaluate the content modules and decide what type of content works best in each module 3. Illustrate how Divi can help you build a responsive non-profit website in less than a week that looks pretty darn good

WordPress 101 Wrap-Up

Join Ben Pollock and friends for a panel to finish up the day. Bring us your questions — the ones you couldn’t figure out how to ask in other sessions, the ones you haven’t found a chance to ask, and the ones that have occurred to you during the day.

We’ll do our best to answer, and point you to useful resources if you need more.

WordPress 101

New to WordPress? Join Ben Pollock and friends for an introduction to setting up a website from start to finish. This one-hour session will prepare you for the rest of the presentations you’ll hear this morning.

Then come back after lunch for Part 2 of WordPress 101.

Toes in the Water: Getting Your Feet Wet with a WordPress Blog

In this session, the beginning blogger will learn the flexibility and benefits of using Nancy Kay Grace will teach some first steps into blogging, minimizing the fear factor for tech challenged writers. Topics covered will be -how online writing is different from writing for publications -what you need to create a WordPress blog (domain name, host, theme) -simple guidelines for Search Engine Optimization (keyword stuff) -elements of composing a blog post: written content, photos, links.

No technical background required.

Anatomy of a Website

What makes a good website? What components are a must-have for an effective website? Jamie will discuss how to decide what pieces your website needs and provide tips for producing the best version of each component. This session is designed mostly for the company or organization that is creating their own website using WordPress, or at least is providing most of the content for a designer who is creating the website.

Beyond the Basics: Building security into your development projects

Security should be built into a website from the beginning of the development process, although many times it is an afterthought. Logan will present SiteLock research and engage participants in an insightful discussion about how to protect a website from its inception. Logan will take attendees through the SiteLock software development life cycle, including how to incorporate White box testing to ensure code security and he will present a real-life successful case study. Finally, Logan will share best practices on post-deployment and how to monitor and patch websites—mitigating future attacks.

This session is intended for developers.

Legal Guidelines for Influencer Marketing

Whether you’re a blogger, a business owner, or a marketer, you may be part of the growing influencer marketing movement. Bloggers help brands spread the word in native ads or content marketing and everybody wins — as long as you understand the ins and outs of the laws affecting influencer marketing.

Attorney Meredith Lowry has the scoop on how you can make sure that you don’t cross the lines.

Keynote Presentation: Marketing, Mindset, and Success Principles for Today’s WordPress Users

Brian Hilliard specializes in helping busy entrepreneurs market their business in less than 90 days. But Brian says, “Your business grows to the extent that you grow.”

He’ll share principles for personal and business growth that will send you out inspired, whether you’re going to your family blog, your nonprofit website, your monetized blog, your business website, or your digital empire.

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